Steps to Obtain Citizenship by Investment From Vanuatu:

  1. Sign the contract with CBI VANUATU and make the down payment.
  2. Prepare ALL the Required Documents by the investor, with the support of our office and legal teams, who will review, translate and check-up the entire file before sending it to the island’s lawyer.
  3. Sending the documents to the Island where our lawyer will check the papers for the last time before submitting the application.
  4. Governmental procedures and Due Diligence.
  5. The government’s approval of the request, and then the entire amount must be paid to the government.ش
  6. The applicant must sign and swear an oath before the delegate from the Vanuatu government (either on the island or the government may send two commissioners on behalf of it to a suitable country for the applicant but at his personal expense).
  7. Issuing the naturalization document and Printing the Passport.
  8. Handover or sending the “Naturalization Document” and the Passport to a convenient place.

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