Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship Program

  1. The ability to include the spouse and children under the age of 30 in the main application.
  2. The ability to pass one’s citizenship to future generations by descent as it is a first-class citizenship.
  3. Dual Nationality: No obligation to relinquish current nationality.
  4. No language requirements for residence or citizenship.
  5. Full confidentiality in carrying out the procedures.
  6. Paying the minimum administrative fees for the transaction, while the large investment value is paid after the government’s approval of the citizenship application.
  7. No interview, education, or management experience required.
  8. No requirement to reside in Vanuatu before, during, or after citizenship is granted.
  9. The only program of its kind for citizenship by investment (CBI) in the Asia & Pacific region.
  10. It is the fastest program for citizenship by investment in the world at the present time, as the procedures from handing over the file to issuing the citizenship certificate take two to three months only.

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