Vanuatu … has been voted as the happiest place on earth for the past ten years. It is an archipelago of volcanic origin that includes a chain of more than 80 mountain islands and is covered by tropical rain forests. The name of the country belongs to the two words Vanua: It means the land or the country and the word Tu: It means position, and the two words together indicate the state of the new countries.

Nearly 80 % of the population of Vanuatu live in rural areas and practice subsistence production of food, housing, and other items for household economy. Besides, most households are involved in some cash production, particularly agricultural products such as such as copra (dried coconut flesh), cocoa, and coffee. The island considers as a destination for adventure lovers and bungee jumping.

Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific to northeastern Australia, northeastern New Caledonia, western Fiji and the southeastern Solomon Islands and near New Guinea. , Its total area is 12.190 km2, and its population is 290 thousand people, its capital is Port Vila, has more than 100 languages, but English, French and Pislamic (a simplified language of the English language) are the official languages of the country, and the currency is Vatu. It should be noted that Vanuatu is from one of the Commonwealth countries, that is, it belongs to the British Crown and Queen Elizabeth II is considered the honorary head of state.

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