Citizenship Fees and Charges


To obtain citizenship through Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment program, investors must contribute a one-time, non-refundable, minimum donation of USD 130,000 for a single applicant to a government fund.

To include a spouse and other dependents, there are extra costs as follows:

Non-refundable minimum donations are:

Single applicant USD 130,000

Applicant and spouse USD 150,000

Applicant, spouse and 1 child USD 165,000

Applicant spouse and 2 children USD 180,000

Each additional dependent USD 25,000

In addition to the investment amount, investors in the Vanuatu Citizenship Investment Program must also pay additional fees, principally a due diligence fee of USD 7,000.  The applicant must pay this fee before submitting the application. 

Note that the Application Fee (excluding Form D) is 5,000 Vatu per application and is paid upon the lodging of an application. It applies to all applicants regardless of age and type of Forms. 

The Citizenship Fee however varies on the type of Form as stated in the table above. It is paid only after the Commission has approved an application. 

In relation to Form D, the Application Fee is 250 USD per application , spouse and 1 child less than 18 years. Should an applicant include an extra child less than 18 years, the applicant shall commit an extra payment of 19, 250 USD (per person). 

Please refer to the above attachments for more details on Chargeable Fees. All applicants are encouraged to get correct information on fees by conducting the Citizenship Office.

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